‘Unintended human error’ spoiled 500 doses of Moderna coronavirus vaccine: report

Five hundred doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine were destroyed on Saturday after being unrefrigerated in Grafton, Wisconsin.

"In a statement, Advocate Aurora Health officials said someone removed 50 vials from a refrigerator to access other items and failed to put them back overnight Friday. Each vial contained ten doses of vaccine," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday. "An internal investigation found the failure was an 'unintended human error.'"

The newspaper reports 3,905 doses of the Moderna vaccine have been administered in Wisconsin.

"Clinicians were still able to administer some of the vaccine from the vials within the allowable 12 hour post-refrigeration window but had to discard most of it, according to the statement. Once the vaccine is thawed, it cannot be refrozen," the newspaper reported.