Moms of Liberty says it knows liberal groups are spying because it has its own moles: report
(Via Moms for Liberty/Facebook)

The Colorado Moms for Liberty organization has complained about liberal activists "infiltrating" its private group, and has reportedly said it learned about the clandestine activities via its own moles.

Claims of spies infiltrating political groups are bubbling to the surface for the Moms for Liberty group, which launched to focus on fighting mask mandates in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic before growing to oppose LGBTQ-inclusive policies in schools and other diversity initiatives. In Colorado, opponents are starting to take actions to fight the group's influence, according to CNN.

“'I just got back from forcibly re-closeting myself for 90 minutes to infiltrate a Moms for Liberty meeting. … I got so much juice!' a TikTok user who goes by Morgan Howls said in a video," the news network reported. "The video is one of many on social media made by parents who say they’ve 'infiltrated' the group and give details of its strategy to others who do not support its politics."

CNN said it experienced this activity first hand when it covered a local event, and a Moms for Liberty leader admitted to finding out about spies through its own spies.

"When CNN traveled to Colorado earlier this month to observe a lunch meeting held by the El Paso County chapter of Moms for Liberty, chapter chair Darcy Schoening cautioned that some opponents might show up. It had happened before. Schoening knew there were liberal parents lurking in her chapter’s private Facebook group, because her group had some moles in the liberals’ Facebook group," CNN reported.

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“We all know what’s going on. I don’t even know why we keep stuff private,” Schoening said, according to CNN.

The network said that, while it was covering a meeting, one of the opponents of Moms for Liberty reached out.

"As CNN filmed the meeting, a woman sitting in the back passed the crew a handwritten note: 'We have the other side of this story. This is a hate group.' This time, the opponents were being covert, not overt," the report says.

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