Republicans blasted for ‘un-American’ voter suppression efforts in Montana

On Saturday, writing in the Great Falls Tribune, Democratic Montana state Sen. Bryce Bennett tore into the state GOP for attempting to restrict access to the ballot.

"Montanans were loud and clear six years ago when they voted to preserve the right to register and vote on Election Day (LR-126). That hasn't stopped Republicans from ignoring the people of Montana and bringing a bill to end Election Day voter registration, which has ensured over 60,000 Montanans could cast their ballots," wrote Bennett. "Republican bills are also targeting students and low-income communities with arbitrary and burdensome voter ID rules and forcing people to register with their county to do something as simple as dropping off a ballot for a friend or neighbor."

Expansion of voting access during the 2020 pandemic resulted in Republicans having their best election cycle in Montana history.

"Year by year, generation by generation, we have fought to make the right to vote more accessible to all citizens of this great nation," wrote Bennett. "The days when former slaves, women, Native Americans, and young adults marching off to war were barred from voting are gone and we cannot afford to let out-of-touch politicians move us backwards. The malicious efforts by Republicans in Montana and statehouses across the nation to push voters out of their democracy is simply un-American, and we must all do our part to fight back."

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