Morning Joe mocks Joe Manchin for wanting to work with Republicans: 'I want my cat to play Chopin!'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Thursday mocked Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for saying that he wants to preserve the legislative filibuster because he wants to try to work with Republicans on passing legislation.

Scarborough argued that Manchin's desire for bipartisanship seems highly unlikely to generate results given how rigid the GOP has been at saying "no" to bills whenever a Democrat is in the White House.

"He wants to work with the Republicans," Scarborough said. "Well, I want my cat, Meatball, to play Chopin. I really do! It would be nice, as I was having an early dinner, to hear Meatball get on the piano and play Chopin. He's not going to do it."

Scarborough said that it would be wrong for Democrats to try to back Manchin "into a corner," but he expressed frustration with the way that Manchin seems oblivious to the nature of the contemporary GOP.

"By Joe Manchin saying, 'Let's just work with the Republicans,' Mitch McConnell's already said, 'We're standing shoulder to shoulder, we're going to all vote against the infrastructure plan,' just like they all voted against the COVID plan," Scarborough said. "They've got to do what's best for them."

Watch the video below.