Cult leader found mummified in Colorado shrine adorned in glitter -- and missing her eyes: report

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Amy Carlson, the self-proclaimed "Mother God" and leader of the Love Has Won cult who was found mummified in a shrine in Crestone, Colorado, was adorned in glitter makeup and Christmas tree lights, and missing her eyes.

"When investigators arrived Wednesday, the remains had '...what appears to be glitter type makeup on around the eyes,' according to Corporal Steve Hanson of the Saguache County Sheriff Office," reported Carol McKinley. "The documents, obtained by The Daily Beast, also describe the body — believed to be that of 45-year-old Amy Carlson, known to her followers as 'Mother God' — as being adorned with Christmas tree lights. The group in question, 'Love Has Won,' (LHW) has previously been described by both followers and law enforcement as a 'cult.'"

Among the teachings of Love Has Won is that Carlson is the 534th avatar of God on earth, and that she has revoked the free will of humanity as a failed experiment.

According to an earlier report, "Saguache County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Royce Brubacher told The Daily Beast on Friday that deputies found a body on Thursday inside the mobile home, which serves as the group's HQ. A law-enforcement source familiar with the case added that Carlson has been dead for weeks, and may have been transported from Oregon. That source said the body was in such a state that investigators couldn't formally identify her through fingerprints, but witnesses had confirmed that the body is indeed Carlson's."

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