Demand for convicted killer’s property fuels ‘frenzy buying’ at Murdaugh auction: CNN
Alex Murdaugh (Screen cap via CNN)

An auction for Alex Murdaugh's property on Thursday attracted people from all over the Southeast seeking a piece of the double-murderer’s family history, and they were apparently willing to pay top dollar.

The auction for Murdaugh’s property was held at Liberty Auction in Georgia, around 100 miles from his Colleton County hunting property called Moselle, CNN reports.

Liberty Auction hasn’t determined the total sales from the auction, but the company’s owner, Lori Mattingly, told CNN it was “largest lot ever sold … by a lot.”

And the demand fueled a “frenzy buying,” Mattingly said.

CNN reports that “A Yeti cup, which typically retails for $35, sold for $400, according to Mattingly. A beer koozie sold for $500, while mounted antlers went for $10,000 and a furniture set for $30,000.”

Mattingly said bidder “were just determined to get what they wanted.”

“That just proves people have more money than sense.”

Murdaugh, once a prominent attorney, is serving consecutive life sentences after a South Carolina jury earlier this month convicted him for the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul.

Two were found fatally shot on the property June 7, 2021.

Murdaugh has maintained his innocence and is appealing the convictions.