GOP lawmaker gets primary challenge from Trump supporter who holds mask-burning rallies
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Freshman Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) has drawn a primary challenge from a supporter of former President Donald Trump who has held "mask-burning rallies" to protest against public health guidelines during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

South Carolina-based independent news website FitsNews reports that Lynz Piper-Loomis over the weekend held a bonfire in which she encouraged her supporters to toss their face masks as a battle against the purported "tyranny" of public health.

"This is saying no to tyranny," she said at the rally shortly before tossing her mask into the fire.

She then accused Mace of not doing enough to defy public health guidelines during a pandemic that has killed an estimated 600,000 Americans.

"This is a statement to my opponent who supported the communism, socialism and Marxism... and not supporting our local district and freedom to choose whether or not we wear masks!" she said.

Piper-Loomis then vowed to never wear a mask in the United States Capitol building if she's ever elected to Congress.

Although Mace has been a loyal Republican foot soldier, she has nonetheless draw anger from Trump fans after she criticized him the day after he incited a deadly riot at the Capitol building.

Watch the video of Piper-Loomis burning her mask below.