Pelosi has 'run circles' around Kevin McCarthy and his attempts to fight House Select Committee: CNN's Bakari Sellers
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On CNN Monday, former South Carolina state representative and civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers broke down how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put himself in an unnecessarily bad position by boycotting the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots.

"We had reporting from Jamie Gangel a few minutes ago saying that there are Republicans on Capitol Hill who think that Kevin McCarthy's decision to pull all of the Republicans that he wanted to put on the committee, to pull them off entirely, that that was unwise," said anchor Jake Tapper. "He did that because Nancy Pelosi didn't want to put two of them on the committee. One of them, Jim Jordan, is probably going to be a witness. And anyway, there are a lot of Republicans who think that was really unwise because McCarthy has no visible hint into what's going on. He doesn't have any allies to push back or leak and keep him informed as to what's going on."

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"As much as I talked about the messaging of the Democrats and Liz Cheney coming out of this committee, the fact is, there's no messaging that will have any credibility pushing back against them," said Sellers. "And a lot of times you know this better than I, Jake, you have minority reports developed from these committees. In this case you'll not have that."

"Again, it goes to the fact that we know that Nancy Pelosi versus Kevin McCarthy is not really a fair chess match, in terms of their leadership tactics," said Sellers. "She's run circles around him even on this. But the fact remains, this committee has to come out with something strong, sound messaging and preventing this from happening again, or else it's going to be drowned out by COVID, it's going to be drowned out by inflation, it's going to be drowned out by the problems of today."

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Bakari Sellers says Nancy Pelosi has outplayed Kevin McCarthy on January 6 Committee