Watch live as NASA crashes the DART rocket into an asteroid
The Double Asteroid Redirection Test is the first planetary defense experiment ever attempted. NASA/JHUAPL/Steve Gribben

NASA TV is live streaming the latest of the exploration of the asteroid that is flying by the Earth. It's the first test from NASA planning for if there is a "large body" from space headed toward Earth.

The theory is that the rocket, known as the Double Asteroid Redirection Test or, amusingly, DART. Aptly described, the rocket will be sent like a dart toward the target and, ideally will knock the asteroid out of the existing orbit. NASA will then measure the new orbit to see the extent to which it could work for future efforts to keep an asteroid from hitting the Earth.

In the past, Hollywood has crafted at least two films where a life-ending asteroid is headed directly to the Earth. In both, the solution was to blow up the massive rock. NASA didn't see the point of blowing something up when all they really needed to do is nudge it so that it flies by Earth instead of crashing into it.

According to NASA, the video on the rocket will show the footage right before it crashes into the flying rock. The show has been going on all day, but the video of the event itself begins at 7:14 p.m. EST.. And you can watch the video below:

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV