Nazi-saluting man arrested in racist attack wanted to kill '60 to 70 people': police

A man from Riverview, Florida this week was arrested after he made a Nazi salute at a person of color and then punched them in a road rage incident.

Local news station WFLA reports that 30-year-old Jordan Leahy is facing numerous charges after he sideswiped another driver's car and then proceeded to assault the driver while making racist gestures and remarks.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, the man whom Leahy punched fought back and managed to subdue Leahy until police arrived on the scene.

"When deputies got there, Leahy told them he 'got out, threw the Nazi salute, and wanted to fight a random colored person,'" reports WFLA News, citing a sworn police affidavit. "He also told the deputies to get people of color under control, calling them 'savage animals' and yelling slurs at the victim and witness."

Leahy, who at the time was under the heavy influence of alcohol, also told police that he wanted to shoot between 60 to 70 people in the face before taking his own life.

Police proceeded to charge Leahy with driving under the influence involving property damage, threatening communications, threatening a mass shooting, and felony battery.