Neo-Nazi explains when he's kicked off of Twitter how he comes back to beat the algorithm

As part of the new CNN special on Charlottesville, one neo-Nazi revealed that he's been kicked off of Twitter at least three times. But he keeps coming back and he does it pretending to be a Black woman.

Matthew Heimbach spoke to Elle Reeve about his efforts promoting white supremacy and Nazism and that Charlottesville was a big part of that, even if he never made a public speech.

Josh Smith, a defense attorney, said that he has always been conservative, but became radicalized on Twitter. He specifically cited a meme he found poignant with a liberal saying, "It's impossible to round up 11 million people and ship them somewhere you stupid conservative." And another replies, "Why are you denying the Holocaust?"

Smith said that he got off Twitter though, but Heimbach admitted he's still active and that no one will ever get rid of him.

"I've been kicked off Twitter, I think, three times now, maybe four. I come back each time as a middle-aged black businesswoman," he said. "If you come back and immediately friend a bunch of white nationalists, they're on to that.

"Yeah, they know," said Smith.

"The algorithm checks that. If I'm talking to other middle-aged Black women, the algorithm can't figure that out and you're constantly playing a game of chicken with increasingly sophisticated and intrusive algorithms trying to stop us," explained Heimbach.

"That itself is hilarious," said Smith.

"Yeah, it's a game, you know?" said Heimbach.

Twitter has worked desperately to find and eliminate white supremacists and Nazis on its platform.

See the exchange below:

How the far right beats Twitter algorithm