'Nazi' punches wheelchair-bound man and assaults wife with flagpole at 'freedom rally': report
Twitter/screen grab

An alleged Nazi was reportedly seen repeatedly punching a man in wheelchair during a so-called freedom rally in Canada over the weekend.

The incident was said to have occurred in Calgary on Saturday.

Images circulating on social media show a man appearing to throw a punch at another man in a wheelchair. The aggressor is wearing a white shirt that reads "Proud White Christian Man." The man in the white shirt was later identified as a Nazi.

The man in the wheelchair recounted the incident in a social media post.

"Today I fought a Nazi," he wrote. "For those that don't know today is International 'White Pride Worldwide Day' and the organizers of the Calgary 'freedom rally' decided to act in solidarity with those international events."

The counter-protester said that he confronted the man in the white shirt and called him a Nazi.

"[A]t that point he decided to grab the back of my head and then attempt to shove me," he explained. "After a second of stunned look on his face, the photo [of the incident] took place, he hit me three times, all three of which were like being hit with pillows."

The apparent Nazi then turned to attack the wife of the man in the wheelchair, according to the account.

"[H]e decided to turn his flag pole into a weapon," the man wrote. "He stabbed her directly in the chest [and] it hurts when she breaths. We may have to take a trip to the ER later tonight."

At one point, the counter-protester said that he was knocked out of his wheelchair and the man in the white shirt was "shoved" down a hill. Police then arrived and used force on the counter-protesters.

"Your antifa group was trying to start something," the counter-protester recalled one police officers saying.

"I don't give a fuck where I am," the counter-protester replied. "If I see someone wearing Nazi shit, racist shit, I'm calling them the fuck out. We didn't fight a war against fascism and Nazi scumbags like this piece of shit just to let this happen again."

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