Unity march against anti-Asian hate postponed due to worries of neo-Nazi violence: report
A protester takes part in a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence, near Chinatown in Los Angeles, California, on February 20, 2021(AFP)

Efforts to combat anti-Asian hate were put on hold as neo-Nazis from across the country traveled to Arizona for a convention.

"A scheduled rally by a group widely classified as a neo-Nazi organization at the Arizona Capitol on Saturday prompted organizers of a unity march to reschedule because of the 'potential for violence,'" the Arizona Republic reported Saturday.

"The National Socialist Movement plans to gather at the capitol complex at 1 p.m." the newspaper reported. "The group Strength in Unity canceled its planned march against anti-Asian violence at Margaret T. Hance Park Saturday evening "out of an abundance of caution," organizers said in a statement posted on Instagram. The organization said it was 'very concerned with the potential for violence' and didn't want to 'put anyone in harm's way."

The neo-Nazis ended up rallying in a Phoenix park, ABC 15 correspondent Zach Crenshaw reported.

He said the neo-Nazis "marched around a Phoenix park a couple times - tried to goad an unsuspecting group of guys into a confrontation by yelling racial slurs. When that didn't work they got in their cars and left.