Judge pauses bid by right-wingers linked to Proud Boys who say GOP is discriminating against them

A Nevada judge has passed on taking action on a bid by Republican activists to force state GOP leaders to accept them as party members after they claimed they were being discriminated against, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The judge asked the attorneys of the plaintiffs to amend a section of their lawsuit that the judge said contained "allegations and evidence with regard to protected class status."

"There has been no credible evidence presented that the (county GOP committee) is discriminating against any of the plaintiffs as a member of a protected class, which arguably I would have jurisdiction to help with," Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez said.

The lawsuit came after allegations surfaced of a takeover effort of the county GOP by people with ties to far-right extremist group Proud Boys.

Gonzalez said that she might be unwilling to involve the court in the dispute because the county committee is "a private political association" and has a right to determine its own members.

Clark County Republican Party Chairman David Sajdak and Stephen Silberkraus, vice chairman, said the county party had banned anyone involved in the Proud Boys from membership -- or anyone who invites "intolerance or hateful, anti-Semitic and racist ideology."

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