Nevada GOP taken over by 'science deniers, voter fraud fabulists and borderline anti-vaxxers’: report
Nevada GOP on Facebook.

Republicans in Nevada were called out as "borderline anti-vaxxers" for the party's new stance against vaccinating casino workers.

The Nevada Republican Party released a statement on the topic, noting a recent memo from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

"Considering by the (Gaming Control) board to increase gaming floor occupancy will only be taken in cases where licensees have taken measures and material steps to vaccinate and thereby protect their workforce, visitors, and the community," the Gaming Control Board wrote.

That apparently angered the Nevada GOP, who jumped to the conclusion that it required the use of vaccine passports.

"The Nevada Republican Party stands in staunch opposition to any form of vaccine passports, as implied by the unelected, non-medical Nevada Gaming Control Board," the party wrote.

Veteran Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston broke down what is going on.

"The Jonas Salks at @NVGOP don't want casino workers to have to be vaccinated -- they create 'vaccine passport' straw man and then knock it down," Ralston explained. "So the state GOP is led by science deniers, voter fraud fabulists and borderline anti-vaxxers."

Here is the thread Ralston posted to Twitter: