Latina students physically assaulted for speaking Spanish in racist attack caught on video

A racist attack in Columbus, Ohio, was caught on video, showing a Black student attacking a Latina student for speaking Spanish as they were getting off a school bus, according to Mitú.

The video shows Isabella Palma and Antonella Belsito being followed by their attacker, who was disparaging them for speaking Spanish. When Palma and Belsito refused to stop speaking Spanish, they were attacked.

The video was posted to Instagram by Palma's father, who said in the post that both of the girls were left with bruises on their bodies and even on their heads. Palma's father then calls out New Albany Schools for not taking action against the attacker, who was also a student at their school.

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Speaking to Telemundo, Palma said she's scared to go back to school because she'll see the student who attacked her. Nevertheless, she says she's plans to continue speaking Spanish in public.

“I don’t care. I’m going to continue speaking my language. It doesn’t matter to me if people are racist," Palma said.

Watch the video below: