Yet another Facebook whistleblower comes forward as the social media giant is rocked by allegations

A new Facebook whistleblower has come forward, claiming the company prioritizes growth and profits over combatting hate speech, misinformation and other forms of danger to the public, The Washington Post reports.

"The whistleblower's allegations, which were declared under penalty of perjury and shared with The Post on the condition of anonymity, echoed many of those made by Frances Haugen, another former Facebook employee whose scathing testimony before Congress this month intensified bipartisan calls for federal action against the company," the Post's Craig Timberg writes. "Haugen, like the new whistleblower, also made allegations to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which oversees publicly traded companies."

The whistleblower was formerly a member of Facebook's "Integrity team." The whistleblower's documents reportedly contain a quote from "a top Facebook communications official during the controversy following Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election," where Facebook communications official Tucker Bounds allegedly said, "It will be a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move onto something else. Meanwhile we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine."

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