New Hampshire election audit praised by Trump shows no evidence of voter fraud

Former President Donald Trump praised an audit in a state legislative race in the town of Windham conducted by the state of New Hampshire earlier this month, suggesting that there could be proof of voter fraud. But as Forbes pointed out this Friday, Windham's auditors on Thursday announced there's no evidence of voter fraud.

The announcement was yet another blow for Trump supporters looking for confirmation of their voter fraud conspiracy theories.

"Nothing today is showing evidence of fraud. Nothing today is showing evidence of digital manipulation of the machines. Right now, it seems to be a case of a perfect storm," Harri Hursti, a computer security expert hired by the state to help lead the audit, said Thursday.

Questions about Windham's election results arose after Kristi St. Laurent (D) lost a race for New Hampshire state representative by just 24 votes. When she asked for a recount, she lost dozens of votes and her Republican opponents picked up hundreds. "After months of confusion, Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed a bill last month authorizing a forensic audit to figure out why Windham's initial count was off. Sununu says New Hampshire's election was fair and secure, regardless of whatever might have happened in Windham," Forbes reports. "Still, some conservatives in Windham and around the country saw the audit as an opportunity to expose the kind of widespread vote-rigging Trump falsely insists was rampant in swing states like New Hampshire, which Biden won by almost 60,000 votes. At one point, town residents unsuccessfully pushed for the audit to be partly led by Jovan Pulitzer, an inventor and former treasure hunter who has cast himself as an election security expert in right-wing circles."

Even Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said he doesn't necessarily think the town was targeted by widespread voter fraud.

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