Excruciating videos of NYC cop are 'not consistent with any rational notion of public safety': NAACP lawyer

The president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund called for accountability after a series of shocking videos of a New York City Transit Police officer were posted online.

"Does this make you feel safer?" Sherrilyn Ifill posted to Twitter on Saturday, directing her followers to a thread by attorney Rebecca Kavanaugh.

"Cop on NYC subway station last night slamming a young woman to the ground for allegedly not paying her $2.75 subway fare," Kavanaugh wrote, posting a video clip of the encounter. "His name is Sergeant John Zorilla of Transit Bureau 4."

Kavanaugh then posted a second video of the officer.

"An hour later at the Essex St Subway stop he got into a confrontation with someone who had been filming him and ordered them to leave the station," she wrote.

She then posted a third video from outside the station. Kavanaugh said, "He then decided it was not enough to get them to leave the station, so he went up to the street, tackled them to the ground, maced them and arrested them. For literally no reason."

She noted New York City has "paid out almost $300,000 to settle claims against Zorilla. There have been 18 allegations of misconduct or use of force made, 8 complaints and 6 lawsuits."

Ifill slammed the actions depicted in Kavanaugh's thread.

"This is not consistent with any rational notion of public safety. Arrests for fare evasion? This kind of physical brutality? Intimidating and then arresting someone for filming and talking back to you? The lack of self-control we see here? We need accountability and a new vision," she wrote.

Here is the full thread: