New York increases security for grand jury as they vote for indictment
NYPD officer (Paul Stein/Flickr)

WNBC in New York is reporting that security is being increased for the Manhattan courthouse and to protect the grand jury hearing the cases involving Donald Trump.

Law enforcement sources said, the situation is fluid, but the "ramped-up security is related to the Manhattan district attorney's ongoing investigation into hush money payments involving Stormy Daniels. Increased security presence is described as prudent with the grand jury sitting today, but it is unclear if they heard the Trump case Thursday or another matter."

The grand jury is scheduled to take a break for major holidays next month. Grand jury investigations are secret, so it's unknown the extent to which Americans will be informed about what unfolds. Legal experts warned that any information on it would likely come from Trump himself because everyone else involved would be under secrecy.

There was a fear that an indictment was coming after Trump said he would be arrested that week "on Tuesday." It didn't happen, but threats have followed, lending the NYPD to ask for an increase in force outside the courthouse.

In less than an hour, the New York Times reported that the grand jury was voting on Trump's indictment. It makes sense that due to the vote, the NYPD would want added security.

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