Tensions flare in Oregon town as Proud Boys show up to support anti-vaxx blackface teacher

A group of Proud Boys showed up to confront demonstrators waving Black Lives Matter and Pride banners in Newberg, Oregon this weekend.

Footage reported on by the Willamette Week shows Proud Boys standing on a street corner being outnumbered by people carrying signs supporting racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights.

The protest came after an education assistant showed up to Mabel Rush Elementary earlier this week in blackface to protest the "segregation" of workplace vaccination mandates. Lauren Pefferle was fired from the Newburg school system soon after.

"I feel segregated because I am unvaccinated," Pefferle told radio host Lars Larson. "Something is wrong here. The next day, I went to work and did put on some darker color on my skin part that showed. I was going about my morning duties and as there was opportunity to talk to staff... I would say I am representing Rosa Parks today regarding segregation."

In August, the Newberg school board also voted to ban teachers from displaying political symbols, including Black Lives Matter material and Pride flags.

Video taken by a right-wing activist shows a handful of left-wing protesters encircle a Proud Boys member who was speaking through a bullhorn. At one point, something instigates a scuffle. A man wearing a mask emblazoned with Pride colors later tried to break the fight up.

Watch the video below: