Newsmax host smears Caron Nazario as ‘the Bad Lieutenant’ – and then gets crushed by a Black conservative
Screenshot via Newsmax

In a post to Twitter this Sunday, Newsmax host Greg Kelly gave his thoughts on the recent story regarding the lawsuit filed by U.S. Army lieutenant Caron Navario, who was pulled over by police in Virginia and pepper sprayed while at gunpoint.

In the post, Kelly suggested that Navario, who is Black, brought the incident upon himself.

"One more little 'tidbit' —the Bad Lieutenant Nazario had a loaded GUN on the floor of the car," Kelly wrote. "In the front seat. By his Leg. Something the CORRUPT folks in the Media won't say for some 'reason.'"

Kelly's tweet immediately drew a wave of backlash, many accusing him of applying uneven standards for Second Amendment protections since Navario is a Black man. One of those calling out Kelly was Black conservative Shermichael Singleton, who reminded him that the Second Amendment "exists for a reason."

"...he has EVERY right to keep and bear arms," Singleton wrote. "Do we know if he had a concealed carry license? Also, even if he doesn't, in the state of Virginia you can legally have a handgun in a private motor vehicle."