Newsmax airs bizarre montage of Black people who are OK with a white person using the N-word
Newsmax/screen grab

Newsmax, a conservative news channel, on Tuesday aired a montage of Black Americans who say they do not mind if podcaster Joe Rogan uses the N-word.

Network anchor John Bachman began the segment by wondering whether Americans cared about the recent revelation that Rogan has used the slur for years.

He then aired a video of reporter James Klug speaking to people on the streets of Los Angeles.

There were several white people who disagreed with Rogan but the montage did not include anyone from the Black community who opposed the use of the N-word. Newsmax's production team made the unusual choice of grouping all of the Black interviewees together.

"Do you guys care?" Klug asked Black two men.

"Absolutely not!" one man replied.

"Hell, no," the other man said.

Klug then spoke to two Black women who said that they didn't mind that Rogan has used the N-word.

"He's not saying nothing bad to me so I don't care," another man said. "I don't give a f--k."

"As soon as I get me a show, that's the first thing I'm going to say," one of the men volunteered. "N----r, I made it!"

Following the clip, Klug said Newsmax had predetermined that Black people don't mind Rogan's use of the N-word prior to the interviews.

"We pretty much expected it," Klug explained. "We expected the Black community didn't care that much."

The reporter did not reveal if he had spoken to any Black people who opposed the use of the N-word.

Watch the video clip below.