'I don't understand the question': White House spokeswoman baffled by Newsmax reporter's scientific illiteracy

A Newsmax reporter on Friday left White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre baffled after asking a bizarre question about whether White House officials were personally conducting tests to make sure the delta variant had become the dominant strain of the novel coronavirus.

During the Friday White House press briefing, the Newsmax reporter asked, "How do you know test whether it's the dominant strain in the area when people just test whether they're COVID-positive?"

"We don't test it, we listen to public health and scientists and they tell us it's the delta variant," Jean-Pierre said.

The reporter then asked if the health experts explained their "process" for testing.

"I don't even understand the question," she replied. "That's what they are telling us. I just laid out how contagious it was."

The reporter then complained that a lot of answers we get about public health questions are "because [public health experts] say so."

"Well they're the experts!" a baffled Jean-Pierre replied.

Watch the video below.