Watch: Trump-loving Nick Fuentes gets into food fight with In-N-Out patrons
RSBN host Nick Fuentes -- Twitter

On Saturday, TMZ reported that neo-Nazi activist and livestreamer Nick Fuentes was driven out of an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles — after throwing a drink at fellow patrons in a food fight.

"The video, obtained by TMZ, show[s] Nick holding a large cup ... without warning he pitches it across the Hollywood restaurant early Saturday morning," said the report. "Liquid from the cup showers everyone in its path ... and the doused diners look at Nick in utter shock."

"Another video captured the moment Fuentes left the joint before the situation escalated," said the report. "As he's walking out, one patron mocks him for supposedly misidentifying himself, shouting, 'F--k Nick Fuentes. You racist!!'"

Fuentes, an architect of the so-called "Groyper" movement of internet trolls who seek to push white supremacist ideology into the political mainstream, has previously compared himself to Adolf Hitler, and advocates the creation of a white, Christian theocratic ethnostate in which Jews and nonwhite people are barred from political power.

Despite his notoriety as a neo-Nazi, former President Donald Trump recently caused an explosion of controversy for inviting him to a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Also attending that meeting was far-right rapper Kanye "Ye" West, who has also promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and professed admiration for Hitler in a recent interview on the extremist webcast InfoWars.

Trump subsequently denied knowing who Fuentes is, but has avoided directly condemning his ideology.

Watch a clip of the interaction below or at this link.