Steve Bannon calls MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace a 'war criminal'
Steve Bannon (Screenshot)

Far-right podcaster Steve Bannon took off after MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who previously served in George W. Bush's White House. According to Bannon, the ex-White House communications chief is a "war criminal."

Bannon is troubled by the support Ukraine is getting from the United States and cable news. According to Bannon, it's larger support for Ukraine than Fox News gave for the Iraq war. Fox frequently said that if people didn't support the Iraq war, they were anti-American, and peace protesters stood with the terrorists. Wallace no longer identifies as a Republican and has denounced her former party.

Bannon explained that because Wallace did communications for Bush during the war, she is "akin to a war criminal" with "essential gangsters in the White House at the time."

He went on to claim that the media is attempting to turn the Ukraine invasion into "the Cuban missile crisis."

The GOP spent the past week promoting Russia and Vladimir Putin because President Joe Biden spoke out in support of Ukraine. Over the weekend at CPAC, many Republicans were forced to justify their support of Russia while nearly the entire global community was against Putin.

While support for Ukraine came mostly from the EU and NATO at first, the world has rallied behind them with sanctions being issued from Japan and Australia. The latter is also sending military equipment to Ukraine. Iran and the Taliban have even come out in support of Ukraine. Switzerland, notoriously neutral, agreed that they too would take a position against Russia.

Prince William also came out in support of Ukraine, when the British Royal Family typically stays out of global politics when possible.

See the video of Bannon below:

Nicolle Wallace