Furious Nicolle Wallace profanely calls out Steve Scalise for helping Trump spread election lies

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was furious at Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) after his appearance Sunday on Fox News, in which he dodged saying he believed the "big lie."

Wallace, who used to be a Republican who worked for former President George W. Bush, has fled the GOP and has been growing angrier about their commitment to former President Donald Trump.

At the top of her show Monday, Wallace called something BS, but then she took it a step further. She called out Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who was eager to stand next to Trump while he was in Iowa, but at the same time is denouncing Trumpism in statements.

"Millions of Americans have been sold a fraud — that the election was stolen," said Wallace. "Republicans have a duty to tell the American people that this is not true. Perpetuating the big lie is an attack on the core of our constitutional republic. It was punctuated over the weekend when more Republican leaders, guys like Senator Chuck Grassley, playing to Donald Trump at a rally of thousands. Standing right there, close by his side. Embracing him and his message."

She then showed video of Scalise and she made it clear that she believes he knows Trump's election fraud claims are all a lie. Wallace also said that Republicans are willing to talk about the election being fraudulent when it comes to the presidential race, but when it extends to their races and their seats, they're silent.

"It is all happening. Here's how you know it is B.S. Here's how you know Steve Scalise knows it's all bullsh*t," Wallace continued. "He could call on them to resign. Because if those states were messed up, then they're not real congressmen, are they? Why don't the Republicans have the courage of their convictions to go all the way?"

She closed the segment saying, "Trump is the spark but the Republicans are the oxygen. There is no slide to autocracy without Republicans."

See the opener below:

Trump is the spark but the Republicans are the oxygen www.youtube.com