'Empty shells of pathetic losers': Nicolle Wallace burns Texas GOP for caving to Trump's 'audit' demands

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Tuesday had blistering criticism of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for indulging Donald Trump's delusions of election fraud by conducting an Arizona-style audit.

"We're learning again today just how low Republicans will go to satiate the twice-impeached, disgraced ex-president's appetite for what, something? Rewriting the 2020 election," Wallace said. "Politico is reporting on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's response to that letter that Trump sent demanding Abbott pursue an audit of the presidential election results in Texas in 2020 despite the fact that he won."

"This is some sick bleep," Wallace said. "I mean, they're like hostages with guns to their head. Trump tells them to take his pants off, is he going to do it? What is going on with these weak, pathetic leaders whose salaries are paid by taxpayers?"

"Well, it is self-hostage taking here," conservative journalist Charlie Sykes replied. "What is interesting, this occurs after we have the face-plant in Arizona, where the Cyber Ninja audit failed to overturn the election, which normally would have been an embarrassment if facts mattered, if shame mattered."

Wallace, who was a top GOP communications strategist before her career in broadcast journalism, had harsh words for Texas Republicans.

"This isn't about Donald Trump, this is about shells of men. This is about empty shells of pathetic losers who have nothing to do except run looking — I mean, Trump can't even tweet, so I don't even know how they track it. They're like at the fax machine looking for the latest missive from the exiled leader," Wallace said.


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