Comedian explains to Bill Maher why she's not scared of 'cancel culture' — and why apologizing is good

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher did not make it 15 minutes on Friday before bringing up his fixation with so-called "cancel culture."

Maher repeatedly books guests who share his infatuation with the Fox News talking points and brings up the topic on show after show.

But this Friday, comedian Nikki Glaser explained to Maher why she wasn't worried about being canceled.

"Please don't apologize," Maher asked. "Because there's too much apologizing in America."

"I love apologizing, I love it," Glaser said. "I love apologizing, it feels so good when you mean it," she explained. "I don't mean empty apologies, I mean, when someone is really like, 'I didn't even consider that somebody could feel that way.' Like having empathy, like, 'that sucks that I made you feel that way.'"


Nikki Glaser