'No jab, no job': CNN panel makes the case for shaming — and even suing — vaccine refusers
Photo via AFP

On CNN Tuesday, Arthur Caplan, a medical ethics director at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, argued that it is time to take a harder line in society against people who refuse to be vaccinated for COVID-19, suggesting they lose their jobs and even be sued for spreading illness.

"Look, the moral equation has to shift," said Caplan. "Stop protecting the unvaccinated. They are selfish. They are greedy. They are not doing the right thing by their neighbors and I do not think we are going to be able to persuade. If you look at the data in the south that was just recorded. There are outbreaks following the unvaccinated strategy all over the place. Hospitals are about to tip over."

"It is about time to go to mandates, and it has been that time for a while now," said Caplan. "First, if you are healthcare worker? In a nursing home setting or a teacher? You must vaccinated. It is the only way to protect the weak, the vulnerable, the children. Secondly, no jab, no job ... if you cannot come to work and you cannot make the workplace dangerous. You have to make sure to look out for your fellow workers. We are going to insist on vaccinations. We would like to see more employer mandates. It should stay in you, rapidly. Getting the military vaccinated, as President Joe Biden just announced. A very good thing it is should've been done, already."

"And I also want to say there is some liability," added Caplan. "I can prove that you got my child sick and put them in the hospital. And if they die? Then I should be suing you for acting irresponsibly. That is really a matter of blame."

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Arthur Caplan says "no jab, no job" for anti-vaxxers www.youtube.com