According to the Fayetteville Observer, Jason Walker was killed outside of his home over the weekend when police say he ran into traffic and "jumped" onto a car. The person in the car, an off-duty cop, then shot him.

Those who saw the incident happen, however, allege that the cop hit 37-year-old Walker with his truck and then jumped from the truck and shot the man. A graphic video (below) of the aftermath has been posted to Twitter with witnesses telling the story of what they witnessed.

Bystander Elizabeth Ricks, who was also present after the incident, got out of her car to try and apply pressure to Walker's wounds to save him, said Keenan Willard of WRAL News.

According to Willard's tweets, Ricks said that the cop who shot Walker didn't make any effort to help or render aid. She said that instead, he was "calling his boss" with the sheriff's office.

"I'm just sorry I couldn't save him," she told Willard.

According to the sheriff's office, the deputy shot before calling 911 to report the man.

Walker's family will hold a press briefing at 5:30 p.m. EST and community members have already taken to the streets.

Walker's cousin said that he was involved in the social justice movement and cared about the community. He tried to help young boys at the age where they need strong Black male role models.

"He'd want answers, he'd want justice," the cousin said. He noted that he'll dedicate his life to "making sure Jason gets justice. And he's going to get it."

Ricks told the crowd "I saw everything. I heard everything. I saw a brother... somebody who needed me. No one else was going to help him. He wasn't acting crazy. He didn't jump into traffic. How would Jason jump onto a big truck? Then you fear for your life and you're in a big truck? You say you're trying to protect your family and your daughter, who's trying to protect people like us? I will forever fight for Jason."

She said that Walker was trying to cross the street going home. She broke down into tears saying she wishes she could have saved him.

Ricks said that the deputy's wife was sitting and playing with her hair while all other deputies stood around and watched as she desperately tried to save Walker's life. She also noted that she ensured the final words Walker heard were of love and compassion.

"The officer told me -- we aren't doing this here," said Ricks. "And I said 'we are doing this here!'"

She went on to say that an officer spent mere moments taking her statement before sending her on her way. The crowd chanted "you're a hero" to Ricks.

Family members said that Walker was shot in the back twice.

The police briefing revealed that the deputy hasn't been arrested yet, but it's unclear if he's in custody. They also said that the state Bureau of Investigation would take over the investigation. So if the shooter is arrested, then it will be under their control and not local.

"The shots did not go through the windshield," officers also said. That would confirm witnesses saying that the deputy hit Walker first with his truck, got out of the car and then shot him in the back.

See the briefing here:

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