North Carolina Dem goes viral with campaign video comparing his town's fight against the Klan to Jan 6

In a campaign announcement video, North Carolina Assemblymember Charles Graham recalled his hometown's fight against the Klan in 1958. He compared it to the right-wing terrorism Americans faces more than 60 years later.

Graham said that the Klan announced a rally where they would terrorize the Blacks and Lumbee, which he described as nothing more than a poor farming community. His parents, like many others, were share-croppers along with other Black, White and Native people.

Their sheriff told the Klan not to come and that there would be trouble, specifically citing the Native population. He was ignored.

But when the 50 klansmen arrived, what they found were 400 "Lumbees" ready to fight back. "Hundreds of normal folks deciding to stand together against ignorance and hate," says Graham.

"The Battle of Hayes Pond," he said they called it. "The place where the town beat the Klan."

Graham argued that the same alliance is needed today in the next great battle against right-wing terrorism. As the country experiences an escalating threat from the right, Graham explained that he wants to bring that Lumbee spirit to Congress.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) is the GOP member Graham will be running against. He was one of 147 Republicans to refuse to make the 2020 election results official because Donald Trump lost.

Five hours after being posted, the video had over 1 million views on Twitter.

See the video below: