Notorious antisemitic agitator gets busted in Florida
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

Four men were issued littering citations by Palm Beach Police on Saturday after they distributed antisemitic flyers. The arrests of the men, who all from out of state, came after police notified residents to report any antisemitic material they may have received, The Palm Beach Post reports.

The men were identified as David Y. Kim, 60, of Pennsylvania; Jonathan K. Baldwin, 27, of Indiana; Jon E. Minadeo II, 40, of California; and Nicholas A. Bysheim, 33, of Maryland.

One of the men, Jon Minadeo, is a known antisemite who was once arrested outside the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland for "hate speech." He's also the leader of the extremist group Goyim Defense League.

From The Palm Beach Post: "Contained in weighted, zipped plastic bags, the flyers decry nationally elected and appointed Jewish officials in relation to gun control, 'the COVID agenda,' allegations that U.S. media are controlled by Jewish interests and the Biden Administration in general."

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“It’s unfortunate that ignorance and hatred are not a crime. Littering and trespassing are,” Palm Beach Town Council President Margaret Zeidman said on Sunday. “At this point in time, there isn’t any other legal or law enforcement action that can be taken by the town, though I find it very frustrating.”

Palm Beach Police Capt. Will Rothrock said that hate crime charges in relation to the fliers are unlikely.

“We do not anticipate that at this time, due to the non-criminal infraction status of the littering citations and the current state statutes regarding hate crimes,” Rothrock said.