Mask-bashing NY Post is forcing all employees to wear masks at the office

The New York Post, which according to CNN has a history of sharing a "high volume of anti-mask rhetoric during the pandemic," has told employees that they are now required to wear a mask while in the office.

"Masks are required while walking the floor/not at your desk," Sean Giancola, publisher and chief executive of the tabloid, told staff in an August 12 memo, which added that employees must "mask up" and "cover [their] face when away from [their] desk or chatting with colleagues."

CNN's Oliver Darcy writes that the Post's mask mandate is "the latest example of the brazen hypocrisy" in Rupert Murdoch's media empire, which includes outlets such as Fox News which have "disparaged public health officials and the guidance they issue about vaccines and masks."

Darcy points to a July 7 editorial in which the Post's editorial board said it's "time to scrap the mandate for masks on trains and buses," adding that wearing a mask on public transit is "pointless and performative."

"It's time to lift the mask mandate," the Post editorial board declared.

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