Chair goes flying through the air as Oakland school board votes against reopening schools for the third time
Teacher in classroom. (

California's Oakland school board voted this Wednesday 4-2 to keep schools closed, rejecting a resolution from parents calling on school to reopen in the wake of statewide closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, KTVU reports.

The board's vote came after two and a half hours of an emotional public comment and a presentation by parents who want schools to reopen.

"I'm justifiably upset there was no listening. They knew coming in what they were going to say, what they were going to do," said parent Holly Shogbesan.

The meeting was then adjourned when a chair was thrown towards the stage where board members were sitting.

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As KTVU points out, this is third time the board has rejected the reopening of schools. This debate is in regards to 10 public schools that have either been already closed or scheduled for closure next year.

"I'm very upset but not surprised. I have fought against school closures for a long time. The last thing I ever imagined is I would be sitting on a school board and have my colleagues on the board not listen to the community and vote to close community school when we have money to keep our schools open," said school board member Michael Hutchinson.

Watch KTVU's report on the story below.

Oakland school board rejects resolution to save schools from closure