Major blow to Trump-loving network OAN as DirecTV plans to stop carrying it
Christina Bobb on OAN (screengrab).

One America News, the Trump-loving network that was instrumental in spreading falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election, suffered a major blow on Friday when it was reported that DirecTV will stop carrying it.

As reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by CNN's Brian Stelter, DirecTV plans to drop OAN from its lineup when its contract expires later this year.

OAN is already in trouble given the defamation lawsuits it's facing from Dominion Voting Systems for spreading misinformation about the company supposedly rigging the 2020 election for President Joe Biden.

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Dominion's lawsuit flatly accuses the Trump-backing network of lying to his supporters in the name of ratings.

"During and after the November 2020 election, OAN saw a business opportunity," the suit alleges. "Spurred by a quest for profits and viewers, OAN — a competitor to media giant Fox — engaged in a race to the bottom with Fox and other outlets such as Newsmax to spread false and manufactured stories about election fraud. Dominion quickly became the focus of this downward spiral of lies, as each broadcaster attempted to outdo the others by making the lies more outrageous, spreading them further, and endorsing them as strongly as possible."