John Oliver ridicules OAN for naming him in a lawsuit — and he has more disparaging comments for them

The far-right television station OAN is suing DirectTV parent company AT&T after they were dropped from the cable package. They're not suing because they're being dropped, instead, they're suing for violations of a non-disparagement clause.

In a kind of legal do-si-do, OAN explained that DirectTV is owned by AT&T, which was going through a merger with HBO. John Oliver's show is on HBO, so OAN decided that because the "Last Week Tonight" host has spent many episodes mocking them, it violates the non-disparagement agreement that OAN signed with DirectTV.

AT&T was instrumental in OAN's existence, with 90 percent of the network's revenue coming from AT&T/DirectTV deals.

"And not a moment too soon," said Oliver. "Its coverage of Ukraine, in particular, has been appalling, with this f*cking guy suggesting that the bombing of a maternity hospital might have been a hoax."

He went on to show a clip of host Pearson Sharp, who claims on his personal website that he's "a foreign correspondent" for OAN.

"Wow, it's pretty maddening to watch neo-fascist Vin Diesel there question civilian casualties with the tone of a stoned teenager talking about penguins," Oliver continued, imitating the stoned teen. "Perhaps they're wearing little bird tuxedos. But perhaps...... they aren't."

Oliver then explained that shows owned by AT&T have been critical of them, including Oliver's show, which is how they got named in the lawsuit. One example from Oliver cited is that they "are like Fox News with even less shame and even fewer scruples." Another is that he called OAN a "ragtag band of fascists" who are "happy to give a platform to batsh*t election fraud theories from America's most out-of-breath pillow fetishist." But Oliver was aghast that they neglected to recall the time he called Pearson Sharp "decaf pit bull." Oliver made it clear that he wants that entered into the official court record.

"And look, I get that they are upset here, just like I get that they are an intellectually bankrupt organization full of opportunistic grifters who have nothing but make this country a worse place," Oliver continued. "But perhaps this isn't the time for that. And perhaps I am sorry for taking joy in their misfortune and kicking them when they are so clearly down. But on the other hand, perhaps, I am not."

One major difficulty with the OAN lawsuit, Oliver pointed out, is that AT&T no longer owns HBO. They've been merged with Discovery and Warner Brothers for a company called Warner Bros. Discovery, which will begin trading on the stock exchange this week.

"Goodbye from me, business daddy," said Oliver, who has spent the past several years attacking AT&T. "Let me just say this," Oliver continued raising up both middle fingers. "Which, frankly, is two more bars than you've ever had."

See the video below, beginning at the 30-minute mark:

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