Judge rebukes top Oath Keeper's attorney: Keep the 'moralizing and sermonizing' out of my court

On Thursday, CBS News' Scott MacFarlane reported that federal Judge Amit Mehta has warned the attorney representing Oath Keepers leader Kelly Meggs to stop proselytizing about politics in his motions to the court.

"Counsel for Mr. Meggs is admonished to keep the moralizing and sermonizing out of his motions," wrote Mehta. "His motions must be tailored to the actual relief sought and must avoid commentary on unrelated matters (e.g., the actions of the Select Committee and the prosecution of Oliver North) or unbriefed requests for relief (e.g., dismissal of charges or a change of venue). These proceedings will not become a platform for counsel's personal political views."

This comes as Meggs, along with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and nine other members of the far-right paramilitary group, face charges of seditious conspiracy for their roles in organizing the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Rhodes, whose estranged wife has testified he is dangerous and detailed evidence of his "elaborate escape tunnels" in his backyard, was denied pretrial release and ordered to remain in lockup earlier this week.