Text messages show Jan. 6 Oath Keepers talking about assassinating Nancy Pelosi: prosecutors
Nancy Pelosi at the Global Climate Action Summit. (Nikki Ritcher Photography)

NBC News reporter Scott MacFarlane, who covers the insurrectionist beat, tweeted that Friday is the day in which several people will be in court over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Among the messages prosecutors found in the inspection of Oath Keepers' phones was an Election Night chat that discussed a "shooting spree," beginning with " [Nancy] Pelosi first."

He's not the first one, as the New York Times documented several months ago. A Proud Boys supporter in New York was accused in Feb. 2021 of posting violent threats on the conservative social networking site Parler. A Colorado man was charged with sending a text about "putting a bullet" in Pelosi. A man living near Chicago left an alleged voicemail message about killing Democrats on Inauguration Day.

MacFarlane also said that a judge ordered Thomas Ballard to await trial behind bars. He is a Texas man accused of striking police officers with a bat.

Prosecutors also requested Friday that Oath Keeper Joseph Hackett be held in detention ahead of trial. He's accused of buying a burner phone to use for the insurrection. He was allegedly filmed at the hotel in which he was staying covering his face from surveillance cameras. That hotel also happened to be where the so-called "quick reaction force" was stationed if the Capitol attackers needed reinforcements.