Oath Keepers leader refuses to back down after members are arrested for involvement in Trump insurrection

CNN on Tuesday did an in-depth report on the anti-government Oath Keepers militia and its efforts to infiltrate federal law enforcement agencies.

One source with direct knowledge of how the Oath Keepers operate tells CNN that "about a dozen members" of the militia currently work in federal law enforcement, but have been strategically kept off the group's official membership database.

Alex Friedfeld, an investigative researcher for the Anti-Defamation League, told CNN that he was not surprised to hear that the Oath Keepers had members working high up in law enforcement organizations.

"For years, Oath Keepers have been targeting military and law enforcement personnel, especially at the federal level, with their messaging recruitments," he explained.

CNN also noted that Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes has continued peddling incendiary rhetoric even after several members of his group were arrested for rioting at the United States Capitol building on January 6th.

"You have to declare this regime to be illegitimate," Rhodes recently told far-right InfoWars host Alex Jones of the Biden administration. "Declare everything that comes out of King Biden's mouth as illegitimate and null and void because he is not a legitimate president... they are afraid because there's 365 million of us. We outnumber them vastly, and we're well armed."

Watch the video below.