Oath Keeper at the 'epicenter' of MAGA riot case offered witness protection by feds: reporter

A member of the Oath Keepers militia has reportedly been offered witness protection in exchange for his cooperation with a federal investigation into the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol building.

NBC 4 Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane appeared on MSNBC this week and explained that prosecutors have secured the cooperation of an Oath Keeper whom they say was deeply involved in the planning of the attack on the Capitol.

"There's one plea agreement in a high level case, an accused Oath Keeper charged with conspiracy," MacFarlane explained. "He's been offered witness protection and has agreed to cooperate with the feds... that's the epicenter of the case right now."

The Oath Keeper in question is 53-year-old Jon Ryan Schaffer, a heavy metal guitarist who was caught on camera assaulting Capitol police with bear spray.

According to MacFarlane, Schaffer is facing "the most serious" charges from investigators, as he's been accused of taking part in a conspiracy to plan and carry out the attack on Congress.

Watch MacFarlane's reporting below.