Multiple cops and soldiers asked Oath Keepers if they could join after Capitol riot: hacked data

Hacked data obtained by BuzzFeed News shows that several active-duty military and police officers asked to join the Oath Keepers militia in the days after the riots at the United States Capitol building.

One email sent to Oath Keepers leadership came from a man who identified himself as Scott Langton, who said he was a "current Washington State Police Officer looking for information" and who also expressed worry that contacting the Oath Keepers would put him on a "liberal hit list."

One active duty army soldier, meanwhile, emailed the group on January 19th and asked, "I was wondering what was required to become an oath keeper."

The soldier said he wanted to get involved because "I'm not liking what the world is coming to and have a growing concern for our nation."

The Oath Keepers were identified as one of the major groups present at the January 6th riots, and several members have been arrested for taking part in the violent demonstration intended to stop Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's election victory.

BuzzFeed writes that "interest among some in law enforcement or the military has not appeared to wane" when it comes to joining the group, even as "federal cases against Oath Keepers continue to grow."

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