january 6 broken doors

BusinessInsider reported Wednesday that a group of Oath Keepers returned to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 7 after the violent attack that left 140 law enforcement officers injured.

Prosecutors recently filed documents alleging that Edward Vallejo and allies went to the Capitol to "probe their defense line." He and the men had a kind of Capitol patrol around the building. Vallejo specifically told his group chat, "We'll be back to 6am to do it again. We got food for 30 days."

The morning of Jan. 7, Vallejo messaged, "Departing for Recon now" saying they were "going to probe their defense line right now 6 am they should let us in."

Of course, the Capitol was closed down in the days that followed so that janitors and staff could clean up the mess and contractors could assess the damage. The building had been previously closed to the public due to COVID-19.

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He told a podcast that he and the men "got up before dawn, and we went to the Capitol... we did what we needed to do, did our check in, and then we got back here to take care of business."

Vallejo is one of the 11 men who have been charged with seditious conspiracy, the first of the Jan. 6 attackers to earn the charge.

Read the full report at Insider.

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