FBI investigating pre-Capitol riot meeting between Oath Keepers and Proud Boys
Oath-Keepers via Facebook

Reuters revealed that the FBI is looking into the specifics of a meeting between Proud Boys and Oath Keepers leaders. According to the report, members of both militia groups met in a parking garage near the Phoenix Park Hotel, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, the day before the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes was among those present, along with Proud Boys chair Enrique Tarrio. Tarrio also brought a photographer along with him. The phone records of the photographer are now being subpoenaed.

"The meeting put the heads of the nation’s two best-known violent far-right pro-Trump groups in immediate proximity to each other 24 hours before the breach of the Capitol," said Reuters. "Three attendees or their representatives contacted by Reuters say they did not discuss matters related to January 6."

Latinos for Trump head Bianca Gracia was at the meeting too, according to videos taken by a documentary film crew that was also along for the ride. A short clip of the meeting appeared on a British Channel 4 documentary. Oath Keepers lawyer Kellye SoRelle also joined because Tarrio needed information about criminal defense attorneys. SoRelle says there was no talk of Jan. 6. Still, most lawyers don't hold meetings in parking garages.

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Tarrio even told Reuters in 2021 that the meeting happened “by coincidence. He was inside … that parking garage.”

He only shook hands with Rhodes to be polite, said Tarrio. An attorney for Rhodes also said that the two groups weren't coordinating.

Michael Simmons, known as "Person 10" in a federal conspiracy case, said of the meeting, “Why would you meet Enrique in a f*cking parking garage?” said Simmons, who has not been charged. “It just blows my mind. That’s crazy!”

The Justice Department hasn't discussed anything about the probe.

Read the full report at Reuters.