Oath Keepers salivated over 'war in the streets' after seeing rioters breach Capitol: feds

Members of the Oath Keepers militia were excitedly discussing the possibility of a civil war as they watched Trump supporters breach the United States Capitol building, prosecutors claimed this week.

In a new Department of Justice filing flagged by Reuters reporter Jan Wolfe, prosecutors allege members of the Oath Keepers rode to the Capitol on January 6th and swerved around police cars as they prepared to engage in what they saw as a battle that would spark a civil war.

Prosecutors say Oath Keeper Roberto Minuta was particularly enthusiastic about the attack on the Capitol.

"Patriots are storming the Capitol building," he declared. "It's going down, guys; it's literally going down right now Patriots storming the Capitol building... f*cking war in the streets right now... word is they got in the building... let's go."

Prosecutors also note that Minuta came dressed for a fight, as he was wearing "battle apparel and gear, including hard-knuckle tactical gloves, ballistic goggles, a radio with an ear piece, and bear spray" to the Capitol riots.

Read the whole filing here (PDF).