DOJ is 'far from finished' with Oath Keepers and will 'put tremendous pressure on them to flip': CNN legal analyst
Oath Keepers security at Woodland Mall (Facebook)

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on Thursday that he believed that the United States Department of Justice's indictments for seditious conspiracy against several members of the Oath Keepers militia was just the beginning.

While discussing the indictments with host Anderson Cooper, Toobin argued that the indictments seemed more like an opening gambit to other serious charges related to the January 6th Capitol riots.

"My reaction is the Justice Department is far from finished here," he said. "And what happens when you indict a large group of people with very serious crimes in federal court is you put tremendous pressure on them to flip."

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Cooper then joked that it was weird to think of people who describe themselves as "oath keepers" breaking their oaths to squeal on one another, but Toobin said that things change when people face significant criminal liability.

"They are trying to save their own skin," Toobin explained. "It's like members of the mafia take an oath and the oath goes out the window when they're in trouble."

He then pointed out to one paragraph in the indictment that stood out to him in which Rhodes mentioned coordinating with other groups other than the Oath Keepers heading into January 6th, which he said indicates that a far broader conspiracy could be at play.

Watch the video below.

DOJ is 'far from finished' with Oath Keepers and will 'put tremendous pressure on them to flip'