Stewart Rhodes wanted to dress up like the elderly to trick counter protesters into fights: Oath Keeper
Stewart Rhodes (YouTube)

Federal prosecutors put three men associated with the Oath Keepers on the stand on Thursday in the third day of the seditious conspiracy trial against five of the organization's leaders.

John Zimmerman, a former Oath Keeper leader in North Carolina, said he grew concerned with remarks by Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes in November 2020.

Politico reported Zimmerman testified about a ruse Rhodes suggested as a way to instigate fights, based on the assumption anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter activists would attack the weak.

“He thought we should dress up as the elderly or be like a single parent pushing a baby carriage. We could entice them to attack us," Zimmerman said. "I told them that’s not what we do."

He reportedly said the scheme would be illegal.

"While much of the trial’s third day of testimony seemed damning for Rhodes, it was less clear how damaging it was to the four other defendants on trial for their alleged roles in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6," Politico reported. "The testimony from Zimmerman and Adams seemed to underscore the possibility that some of those who traveled to the Washington area in early January might have genuinely believed that they were taking part in security details for speakers or preparing to assist Trump supporters who might come under attack."

Politico reported Zimmerman wore a "drab green face mask" with the words, "Front towards enemy.”

Those words are the directional instructions on Claymore anti-personal mines.

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