Florida cop resigns after home surveillance footage shows he shamelessly lied about assaulting resident

A police officer in Lake Wales, Florida has resigned after newly obtained surveillance footage shows that he shamelessly lied about an incident in which he assaulted a local resident.

WFTS Tampa Bay reports that Lake Wales Officer Colt Black has stepped down after he falsely accused local resident Chris Cordero of charging at him with his fists closed, which the officer claimed justified his use of violent force on Cordero.

In reality, as a home security camera belonging to a neighbor revealed, Cordero complied with Black's commands after getting pulled over.

Additionally, it showed Black sucker punching Cordero and then further beating him up along with fellow Officer Travis Worley, who arrived on the scene shortly after Black first assaulted Cordero.

Cordero was then arrested and charged with resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer and making a death threat to a law enforcement officer.

After being let out on bail, Cordero went back to the neighborhood where he was pulled over and asked residents if they had any home security footage from the time the incident took place.

When one neighbor provided him with footage, he took it to Lake Wales attorney Sara Jones, who forwarded it to the Polk County State's Attorney's Office, which immediately dropped charges against Cordero.

Black, meanwhile, filed an updated report in the incident in which he claimed that "my perception was altered due to the high stress of the incident."

Black has since resigned, while Officer Worley has been placed on administrative station duty pending investigation.