Alexander Mijeev ship

The Balearic Island newspaper Ultima Hora reported Sunday that a $7.8 million yacht "partially sank" at the docks on the Spanish island of Mallorca after a Ukrainian sailor opened the valves.

The sailor was arrested after the incident with the massive boat named the Lady Anastasia. The ship boasts nearly a 156-foot length and five cabins and employs the sailor along with a few other staffers. It's owned by Russian citizen Alexander Mijeev, who once headed the Russian Helicopter Corporation, which builds aircraft for the Russian military. In 2016, however, Mijeev took over Rostec, a weapons supplier.

In court, the sailor explained that the owner of the ship is in charge of the production of weapons that are currently hitting his country. When he saw the footage of the Russian cruise missiles hitting civilian targets like apartment buildings and a Kindergarten, the sailor said he was moved to act. He said that he knew the missile was produced by the company. That's why he took revenge on the owner. It caused only material damage, he explained, never physical.

He opened the valve in the engine room and a second where the crew lives. He told three crew members, also Ukrainians to abandon ship.

"The owner of this ship is a criminal who makes his living selling weapons and now they kill Ukrainians," he told the police when they came to arrest him.

The judge released him, but the sailor was charged.

See a photo of the ship below: