Rift between Trump and Mike Pence deepens after Lincoln Project kills bromance: Axios
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Axios reporter Jonathan Swan revealed on MSNBC that President Donald Trump didn't know that Vice President Mike Pence had any role in the Electoral College. It was only from the Lincoln Project's video that they ran on Fox News only in the D.C. market that Trump learned that Pence had some role in the counting of the ballots.

"The ad [was] sort of over the top, ominous framing, points out to their audience of one that Pence actually plays this role and will be sort of putting the ceremonial sound of death to President Trump's presidency," said Swan. "Trump sees this ad, becomes enraged and begins to take this up with Mike Pence privately. In a number of conversations, he asked Mike Pence to send cease and desist letters to the Lincoln Project which he doesn't do, and starts asking Pence to object when he has to certify the results."

Ironically, Trump turned to do exactly what the Lincoln Project thought he would do, and now there's a rift between not only Trump and Pence but between Trump's supporters and Pence.

"Pence has been resisting but Trump has become more and more irritated and now it is seeping out into public and you saw that last night in the rally in Georgia," Swan continued.

"You saw that today, and the thing I'm picking up from allies of Mike Pence is they're worried that after four years of basically tying himself to Trump's hip, never doing anything disloyal, be -- in fact mocked by many for what many have described as subservience, but at this last moment which is completely symbolic, which he has no constitutional role to overturn the results they are worried the president is going to exact revenge and damage him politically for potentially 2024."

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With one, short ad isolated to running a few times only targeting Trump, the Lincoln Project may have destroyed Pence's political career.

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Rift between Trump and Mike Pence deepens after Lincoln Project kills bromance www.youtube.com